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Strategic Defense Objectives

Our objectives at Strategic Defense LLC are as precise as they are focused. In order to achieve them our staff and shareholders is made up of unique individuals that are highly qualified in all aspects related to the firearms field whether it be in a military, civilian, training or sports shooting context. Our staff has abundant experience in operational war planning and command obtained by active participating in various NATO theaters of operation.

Technical expertise in both theoretical and applied is held to a very high standard at Strategic Defense LLC. We employ both military engineers specializing in heavy weapons as well as specialists in streamlining and customizing modern weapons platforms that you find in service all around the world today. Further information that might be of a classified nature is provided on a need-to-know basis to those entities and customers that have the necessary authorization and clearance level.

In order to develop our national defense and security capability, adding to the already existing elements within the national defense industry we are aiming to implement technology transfers and offer the needed technical innovation for firearms as well as electro-optical devices, cyber and digital space solutions and other applications critical to a military context. We aim to offer these in an efficient timeframe that is adequately framed for the regional security challenges which may present imminent threats and require rapid response. As the EU and NATO become more aware of the mounting regional security risks, we plan to offer rapid and decisive preparatory actions that will enable quick acquisition of modern weapons and complex technical tools and means that will support and augment the capability of our national security forces as well as those of law enforcement.

Under the auspices of the current regional status quo we also can’t ignore the need for personnel training and preparedness aimed at those who would be a part of a possible national defense effort whether they be professional military or simply ordinary citizens. With this in mind our weapons testing facilities designed here at Strategic Defense LLC are designed with a dual-purpose functionality and can be configured and used for specialized training in modern weapons manipulation and current warfighting techniques aimed at military instructors that can then, in turn pass forward this knowledge to others. We also plan to offer specialized training for defense institution operations personnel that is held to the highest NATO standards and provides interoperability in both warfighting and logistics with any NATO forces.

Armed civilian citizens represent a largely available, already self-trained and easy to mobilize group that can be considered a significant component of any defense resource pool that is well distributed geographically on both a national and European level.

As follows Strategic Defense LLC cannot ignore the importance of firearm owners whether they be authorized collectors, hunters, sports shooters, range instructors or sports shooting trainers as essential defensive personnel in a worst-case scenario. The categories mentioned above have already been vetted through a strict legislative process all throughout Romania as well as Europe and their utility in any wide-scale defense application cannot be understated.

It is for this reason that we believe it would be absolutely irresponsible to ignore armed citizens, private ranges, organizations and NGOs in the firearms field and we will offer our full support in order to fight for their rights and offer specialized assistance to these groups and individuals whether they find themselves in Romania or the EU. As a direct consequence one of our priorities at Strategic Defense LLC is ensuring a good availability of firearms, munitions, support equipment and accessories for legally authorized civilians and organizations.