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Strategic Defense Operations

Although our activity is mainly focused on large scale sale and distribution we are willing to organize private firearms expositions and also offer retail sales to those customers who decide to visit our showroom and schedule a meeting with us. Our showroom is specifically set up to be able to host product presentations for both firearms and other technological products with a specialized military, security, or law enforcement purpose.

Using our numerous national and international partnerships we can stock and offer multiple high-end firearm options as well as ammunition types from high-quality brands such as: NovaModul, Heckler&Koch, Haenel, CZ, Beretta, Glock, B&T, Geco, Fiocchi and others.

In accordance with the current Romanian legal context the transporting of firearms, essential firearm components and ammunition can only be done by authorized armorers using special previously vetted transport means that are outfitted with specialized security measures. The transports must be accompanied by authorized and armed security personnel. Further, past certain quantitative thresholds transports must be additionally escorted by special Romanian Gendarmerie teams. These escorts are dispatched on a very strict and specific contractual basis. Strategic Defense LLC currently has all the necessary authorizations and regularly undertakes, in a highly professional and safe manner, the specialized transport of firearms, essential firearm components and ammunition.

Modernizing, manufacturing and modifying current weapons systems and platforms, offering customized firearms that are purpose built for highly specialized tasks and offering current and high-quality firearms accessories are some of our most important areas of focus. We rely on our specialists’ rigorous experience as well as on high standards during testing in order to ensure that we offer our customers a high quality, state of the art solution that is both efficient, reliable, ergonomic and can perform to meet and exceed their needs.
We take time to ensure that each detail is exactly as it should be sparing no expense and putting all our energy, passion and resources forward to ensure complete satisfaction for our clients.

Technical analysis, testing and experimenting with firearms and ammunition is done here in the most demanding conditions and environments. When testing we consider not only reliability but also other important factors that impact performance such as ballistics, terminal ballistics and the efficiency of the shooter, firearm and ammunition taken together, as a whole. All of the data we obtain allows us to continuously develop our scientifically driven knowledge base and grow our experience in the field. We can thus pinpoint the exact factors that impact performance and generate the know-how to build a permanent and sustained technical progress and augmentation strategy. Ultimately, this will ensure that our customers whether they be from the military or civilian sector will enjoy a cutting-edge technological advantage in all circumstances.